“My Safe Space” – a meditation to enable deep relaxation

I recently developed this meditation for my own relaxation. I hope it can help you too, to let go of any tensions in your body, to support deep relaxation and fully body rest, and to perhaps bring some valuable insights too. If you wish to listen to the meditation as an audio, here are two audio versions for you, the first being a female voice, the second a male voice. 

The “My Safe Space” meditation

The meditation “My Safe Space” is an exercise to help bring awareness to any tensions in your body and to identify their underlying root causes. Also, it gives you a moment of deep relaxation, which can support healing at physical and emotional levels.

Imagine that you are going to the countryside. It is a warm summer day with a soft breeze. You are all by yourself and it is just what you long for. The surroundings are perfect; green, lush, quiet, and inviting. After a while, a beautiful landscape opens up in front of you with rolling hills and open meadows. Soon you see the perfect place to lie down and rest. You park your vehicle, walk over to your perfect spot, and lay down, making yourself comfortable in the soft grass.

As you lay here in this beautiful place, you feel totally embraced by the sun, the warmth, and the stillness of nature. You take in some deep breaths and let any stress or excess energy be exhaled with a long deep sigh. You say to yourself: This is the perfect place for me to relax and have a deep long rest. Here I am completely safe.

Now, aim to go even deeper into your relaxation by repeating the following words, quietly or out loud:

  • Here and now I give myself permission to relax deeply and completely in my body.
  • No one can disturb, distract, or engage me in anyway.
  • No one can demand, ask or expect anything of me.
  • No one can judge, criticize or comment me in any way.
  • No one can threaten, inure or harm me in anyway.

Feel how it feels like to be in this safe and still space. Allow your entire body to relax and become one with the stillness of nature. Feel how every cell in your body is infused with the feeling of complete relaxation. Now bring your attention inward and notice any place in your body that resists relaxation. Ask yourself, is there any place within me that cannot relax? If so, ask yourself, why is it not safe for me to relax? What am I protecting myself from? Listen carefully to the answer that your body or subconscious mind is telling you.

If you are not able to relax completely, your body and subconscious mind are keeping you on guard to protect you from certain painful emotions or unpleasant consequences that you most likely have experienced in the past. Ask yourself, what am I protecting myself from? What event or situation has happened in the past that I am trying to avoid by staying on guard?

Begin to breathe deeply and allow any sighs, tears, sounds or shaking to arise in your body, without resistance. Any movement will help to free and release suppressed emotions (as energy) from your body.

To summarize, this exercise helps you to become aware of any tensions in our body, and to also the emotions, thoughts, and events that are associated with these tensions. With this deeper awareness, you can choose to process the emotions and past events through presence, allowance, and deep breathing.

If you need help with this process, warm welcome to contact Anna Brismar at MindShift Coaching.


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