“My Safe Space” – a meditation to identify tensions and enable deep relaxation

Recently, I developed this meditation called “My Safe Space”, which is an exercise to help bring awareness to any tensions in your body and to identify any underlying root causes hereof. Also, this meditation is an opportunity for you to give yourself a moment of deeper relaxation. Such a deep body relaxation, in turn, can support your healing at physical, emotional and energetic level.

The “My Safe Space” meditation

Imagine that you are going out to the country side, with any transportation means you like. It is a warm and sunny summer day with a soft breeze. You are all by yourself and it is just what you long for. The surroundings are perfect – green, lush, quiet and inviting. After a little while, a beautiful landscape opens up in front of you with rolling hills and open meadows. Soon you see the perfect place to lie down and rest. You park your vehicle and approach your chosen spot. Once here, you lay down and make yourself comfortable in the soft grass. Now you are laying here in this beautiful place. You feel totally embraced by the sun, the warmth, and the stillness of nature. You take in a couple of deep breaths and let all of your excess energy be exhaled with a long deep sigh. You tell yourself: “This is the perfect place for me to relax and rest. Here I am completely safe.”

Now, aim to go deeper into your relaxation by repeating the following words (quietly or out loud):

“Here and now I give myself permission to relax completely in my body”.
“No one can disturb, distract or engage me in anyway.”
“No one can judge, criticize or comment on me in any way.”
“No one can threaten, inure or harm me in anyway.”
“No one can demand, ask or expect anything of me.”

Take a moment to really feel how it feels like to be in this safe space. Allow your entire body to relax and become one with the stillness of nature. Let every cell in your body be infused with a feeling of complete relaxation.

While you are doing this, notice if there is any tension inside of you that resists the relaxation. Do you hear any silent words such as: “I cannot relax”, “It is not safe for me to relax”, or something similar? If so, your inner voice is trying to tell you that there is something in your life that hinders you from fully relaxing and letting go. Ask yourself: “What is this tension telling me at a deeper level? What am I afraid of? Why must I not relax? What am I protecting myself from?” Listen carefully to what the inner voice is telling you. In this moment, you may receive an important insight from your subconscious mind. For example, it may tell you, that if you relax completely, someone will criticize you for not undertaking or having completed a certain activity. Or someone will threaten to harm you physically. Or someone will ask you to engage in their needs and problems. Or someone expects of you to be in a special place or to be occupied by a certain task.

In other words, one or more conditions in your life may be causing your muscles to remain tense. This is a strategy by your subconscious mind to keep you “on guard” for any external threats that may arise, which you probably have experienced in the past. Even though your physical tensions are subtle, they still have an impact on your physical conditions. In fact, it has been proven that subtle tensions held over a long time within our body may eventually generate chronic aches and/or other symptoms, which can significantly impact our physical health and overall life quality.

In fact, any long-held tensions in our physical body will disturb our subtle energy system. Instead of enabling a free, harmonious and balanced flow of energy in and around our body, our energy flow becomes compressed, blocked, clogged, static, outdated and imbalanced. This in turn can have negative impacts on our organs, connective tissues, and circulatory systems. This reasoning is part of the theoretical basis for Qigong, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, among other healing modalities.

It is therefore vitally important that we become aware of such tensions in our body, so that we can begin to address the stress factors that are causing these tensions deep within our bodies. With a greater awareness of the stress factors in our lives, we can choose to resolve the stress and release the related tensions from our bodies (through various techniques), which will allow deep relaxation and physical restoration of our body-mind-spirit-energy systems.

In sum, when you give yourself permission to relax at a deeper level, within an imaginary safe space, you more easily become aware of any tension in your body. By acknowledging the tensions and asking yourself what their underlying causes may be, you can identify the ongoing mental, emotional or physical stressors in your life. With a heightened awareness about your stressors and tensions, you are in a perfect place to address and resolve your life situation and to let go of your physical tensions (including static energy) in a profound and healing way.

An important note: The “My Safe Space” meditation primarily addresses external stressors in life and how they can create tensions in our body. However, a tension present in our body may not necessarily be the result of an ongoing external circumstance, but can be caused by an internal condition, such a limiting belief or a stored negative emotion from the past. For such internal causes, two other techniques are highly effective and advocated, that is: the Clear Beliefs Process and EFT tapping. MindShift Coaching’s Anna works effectively with both of these methods and warmly welcome new clients who wish to resolve any limiting belief, stored negative emotions, physical pain, etc.

By Anna Brismar, MindShift Coaching

If you wish to have pesonal support in releasing any stored emotions and underlying beliefs, welcome to contact Anna at MindShift Coaching for a first free 20 minutes’ call.

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