MindShift Coaching helps you understand and release any painful feelings, thoughts and stress-related physical symptoms that hold you back, in order to experience more joy, freedom and fulfillment in life.





Into Essence (TM)

MindShift Coaching has developed a holistic process to help individuals transform their lives in profound and lasting ways. The process is called Into Essence (TM) and involves five main steps. In each step, you are guided to go deeper into the essential aspects within your body, heart and subconscious mind that seek to be acknowledged. Once these essential aspects have been heard, felt and fully experienced, they can be transformed, released or integrated. This will lead you on an inner journey of awakening, healing and personal growth. Along these five steps, we also use the Enneagram personality framework to add further clarity and direction. Although our coaching ideally involves all five steps, the process will always be tailored to your unique needs and preferences

Sense the body

In this first step, you will be guided and supported to go deeper into your body so as to recognize and experience the full range of physical sensations that you hold in your physical form. This may include any aches, pain, numbness, tightness, stiffness, tingling or other energetic or bodily sensations. For this we primarily use a process called BodyWisdom.

Feel the feelings

Hereafter, we dive further into the feelings of your present experience. You will be encouraged to feel more fully any emotional sensation inside your body, may it be fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, etc. Here we can use breathwork, EFT-tapping, BodyWisdom or similar modalities to approach and embrace any feeling that has been surpressed or avoided in the past.

Find core beliefs

Once you have found, acknowledged, experienced and embraced the physical and emotional sensations in your body, we can begin to see the underlying thought patterns and subconscious beliefs that lie at the root of these sensations. We can seek to identify clusters of beliefs that function as both building blocks and stumbling blocks on your life path.

Shift the beliefs

In this fourth step, you will be guided on an inner journey into your subconscious mind, through a process called The Belief Closet. Here, you will experience and transform your limiting beliefs into new empowering ones. Your new beliefs will support you in creating a new reality in which you are more empowered to create a life of inner joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Full integration

In this final step, we will use various other modalities to anchor and integrate your new physical, emotional, energetic and mental realities into your body and life. For example, we can use affirmations, meditation, body excercises or a special kind of prayer, to help you assimilate and fully embody the essence of your healing and inner growth process.



Our coaching methods

MindShift Coaching uses the following primary methods and models

EFT Tapping

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Clear Beliefs Process

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Thought Patterns

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Personality Theories

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For your inspiration

Three types of stress-related symptoms

As individuals, we can react in both unique and partly common ways to long-term stress. While some persons react primarily with psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability, and low patience, others react more physiologically with digestive issues, migraine and body aches, etc.

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Letting go…

A little more than a year ago, I had a very challenging situation in my life on a family level. In a moment of deep despair and hopelessness, I kneeled down on the kitchen floor, folded my hands and asked God for help: “Please God, help me”. Then, in that very moment, I heard a voice, saying: “Let go”. It was in English, although I am Swedish. And the words were those two only and with the sound of a male voice.

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“My Safe Space” – a meditation to identify tensions and enable deep relaxation

MindShift Coaching has developed a new meditation called “My Safe Space”. It is an exercise intended to bring awareness to any tension in your body and the underlying reasons hereof. Also, this exercise is an opportunity for you to give yourself a moment of deep relaxation. A full body relaxation, in turn, can support profound healing at the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

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About MindShift Coaching

MindShift Coaching is run by Anna Brismar (life coach, PhD) and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna provides coaching to any Swedish or English speaking client, in person, online via Zoom, or via phone. Our meeting place is located on Luntmakargatan in central Stockholm (close to Rådmansgatan’s subway station).

Anna is a warm, intuitive and encouraging life coach, with a special ability to understand other persons’ thoughts and feelings. With her empathic listening, analytical ability and positive mindset, she makes each client feel heard, understood and supported. In her coaching practice, she draws from a wide range of methods and tools based on each client’s needs and preferences. Her primary methods, apart from coaching and active listening skills, are: EFT tapping, the Clear Beliefs process, and the Enneagram and Myers Briggs TI personality frameworks. (PS: On the Enneagram, she is a Type 7.)

Anna is a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach from the Clear Beliefs Coach Training Program and holds a Diploma in The Enneagram from the EnneagramCenter in Stockholm (Level 3). Moreover, she has worked regularly with EFT tapping since 2012. Also, she has academic education in Behavioural Science (2007/2008) and Councelling methods (2006) at Stockholm University. Fundamentally, she holds a PhD degree in the interdisciplinary field of Water, Environment and Development (2003) from Linköping University.


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