In-depth Dialogue for Self-Insight and Wellbeing.


As a holistic and therapeutic life coach, I help you process difficult experiences, gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life, and become free from anxiety, pain, depression or other problems, in order to feel more joy, meaning and inner peace.

– Anna Brismar, Certified Coach, PhD and Owner of MindShift Coaching

Do you seek help with any of the following?

Physical symptoms

  • Chronic stress and tensions
  • General pain – diffuse, chronic
  • Migraine or headaches
  • Sleep problems, ‘restless legs’
  • Fibromyalgia, Bowel issues/IBS
  • Fatigue, Exhaustion

Emotional problems

  • Anxiety and worries
  • Sadness, Grief, Depression
  • Fear and phobias
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Strong feelings of Guilt or Regret
  • Issues around food, Bulimia

Existential questions

I can also help you see your life from a higher perspective. For example, we can find central themes, which usually show up as contrasts. We can also identify the fruits of your challenges, in the form of insights, lessons and reinforced qualities, but also how these have benefited others and the world at large. (Read more)

Into Essence – a unique holistic process

Anna (MindShift Coaching) has developed a unique holistic process, called Into Essence, to help individuals transform their lives in profound and lasting ways. The process recognizes the interplay between our thoughts, feelings, and body, as well as our personality, earlier experiences, and present life situation. Gently but effectively, Anna helps you to process difficult experiences, shift limiting beliefs, and become free from undesired symptoms (such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain). At the same time, you will gain deeper understanding of yourself and your life, which in turn will bring new acceptance, trust, peace, freedom and joy in life. All together, the coaching will lead you on an inner journey towards insights, healing and personal growth. As complements to her own process, Anna also uses well-known methods, such as EFT tapping and the Enneagram. Meanwhile, each session is always unique and tailored to your needs. Learn more here.

Into Essence

Learn more here



For your inspiration

Be Still and Know…

For many people, finding time and space for “stillness” can be difficult in modern everyday life. Yet, being still has many highly valuable benefits for our health and wellbeing, as proven by research. When we still ourselves, by sitting or laying down, closing our eyes, and turning our attention inward, we are able to tune into our bodily sensations and become aware of our thoughts and feelings, and ultimately, listen to our inner voice. People who practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or similar forms of centering practice on a regular basis are well acquainted with the calming, deeply relaxing and even healing outcomes of being still…

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The Gift of Presence

We are all born with the basic need to feel seen, heard, appreciated and loved. Also, to varying degrees, we all need someone to share our thoughts, feelings, activities and wordly things with. Sharing our feelings with another person is of particular importance, may it be pleasurable ones of joy and love, or painful ones of worry and sadness, or just modest feelings of everyday character. As children, we naturally turn to our parents for expressing our feelings and sharing our daily experiences, and to receive confirmation, appreciation, compassion, love, or support in return. Yet, most parents (naturally) tend to have lots on their mind and are not always able to be fully present with the child…

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From Fearful Thinking to Peace of Mind

This is a true story about a conversation between a young boy and his mother. The boy and his family had been downtown for dinner at a restaurant with some relatives. As they sat down in the car to head back home in the evening, the boy seemed anxious and eager to get going as quickly as possible. The mother asked him why he felt anxious, whereupon the boy answered with surprising clarity and self-awareness: “I want to get home as quickly as possible, because if we get home late, I will fall asleep late, and then I will be tired the next day, and then I will oversleep on Monday morning, and then…”

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About MindShift Coaching

MindShift Coaching is run by Anna Brismar (certified coach and PhD) and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna provides coaching to any Swedish or English speaking client. The coaching process normally takes place over Zoom (online) or phone.

As coach, Anna is warm, intuitive and encouraging, with a special ability to understand other persons’ thoughts and feelings. With her empathic listening, analytical ability and positive mindset, she creates a safe space and makes every client feel heard, understood and supported. For her coaching practice, Anna has developed a unique holistic process, called Into Essence, which recognizes the complex interplay between our thoughts, subconscious beliefs, feelings, body, personality, life challenges and present life circumstances. Her process is inspired by a wide range of modalities, such as EFT tapping, the Clear Beliefs framework (including BodyWisdom, Voice Dialogue, and Inner Child Work), and two well-established personality frameworks, the Enneagram and Myers Briggs TI. (In the Enneagram framework, Anna is a Type 7 with a one-to-one instinct, and according to MBTI, she is an ENFP personality type.)

Anna is a certified “Clear Beliefs Coach” from the Clear Beliefs Coach Training Program (by Lion Goodman, USA), which corresponds to a holistic and transformational life coach, a therapeutic coach, or an existential councelor. She holds four diplomas in The Enneagram personality framework from the EnneagramCenter in Stockholm. Furthermore, she has practiced EFT tapping since 2012, both for personal and client purposes. Academically, she has studied Behavioural Science (including psychology) (in 2007/2008) and Councelling/Coaching methodology (in 2006) at Stockholm University. Fundamentally, she holds a PhD degree in the interdisciplinary field “Water, Environment and Development” (2003) from Linköping University and a Master Degree in Biology (1996) from Stockholm University.


What clients say

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