The Gift of Presence

Introspektion, Läkande kärlek, Se gåvorna, Släpp taget

We are all born with the basic need to feel seen, heard, appreciated and loved. Also, to varying degrees, we all need someone to share our thoughts, feelings, activities and wordly things with. Sharing our feelings with another person is of particular importance, may it be pleasurable ones of joy and love, or painful ones of worry and sadness, or just modest feelings of everyday character. As children, we naturally turn to our parents for expressing our feelings and sharing our daily experiences, and to receive confirmation, appreciation, compassion, love, or support in return. Yet, most parents (naturally) tend to have lots on their mind and are not always able to be fully present with the child…

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The Fruits of Suffering

Have you ever wondered why there is so much pain and suffering in the world? Could there be a higher purpose behind human suffering? Why do some people seem to have more pain and suffering in their lives than others? Is human suffering mostly the result of ”bad luck”? Or can it be due to a combination of different factors, where some are influenceable and others not. Could we avoid part of our suffering, or are we, at some higher level, ”predestined” to suffer at certain points in our life?

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A woman’s healing journey through trauma and physical pain

This is the true story of Renu Arora, a young British actor, singing coach, and theater director in London, who in 2017 had a traumatic accident that changed the course of her life forever. As the story begins, Renu has just left the grocery story to try to catch a glimpse of her friend further down the street. Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, she didn’t hear the large London bus approaching right behind her. Suddenly, her boot is caught by the bus wheel. In the words of Renu…

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