Your traumas may reveal your life purpose

Today, I listened to a fascinating one-hour interview with Itzhak Beery (shamanic teacher, author and speaker) for the Embodiment Conference, an online free conference aired from October 14th to 25th, 2020. According to Beery, when we look closely at the traumas in our life, we will recognize some recurring themes among our traumas. These themes bring us essential messages that can reveal our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Together, these traumas create our life story, that is, the narrative for our present life on Earth.

In essence, the traumas that we go through in life are the very experiences that give us the lessons that we have come here to Earth to learn as Souls. Moreover, the persons that are involved in these traumas have been chosen by us (!) before we came to Earth as Souls. So, we ourselves initiated these teachers to help us grow as souls. The teachers (persons) may be our mother, father, sibling(s), partner, friend, boss, neighbour, etc. (In this context, a trauma is defined as an event that created an emotional or energetic blockage in our body, due to the suppression and containment of emotions.)

So, by looking closely at our main traumas in life, we begin to recognize a pattern, as similar traumas that are repeated over and over again. Yet, if we don’t consciously come to recognize these traumas as being our narrative in this life, we will subconsciously repeat and re-experience the same type of traumas over and over again. This will happen until, one day, we feel that we have had enough of these emotionally painful experiences, and we begin to identify the essential lessons behind these traumas. Now, we can choose to heal our wounds and also adopt new empowering beliefs that will be in alignment with our Soul’s true purpose. (Anna Brismar, inspired by Itzhak Beery)

Beery also shares an example of a key trauma from his own life. As a child, Beery learned that he was not allowed to talk freely, a message that was imposed upon him by a teacher. (The teacher thought that Beery was too talkative, and told Beery that his words were ”numbered by God” and that ”he would die after he had used up all his words!”) Beery hence draw the conclusion that it was not safe for him to speak in public. Later in life, Beery would reexperience the same message through similar painful events, over and over again. This, in turn, reinforced the (subconscious) belief in Beery: ”I am not allowed to talk freely”. Eventually, after having worked through his traumas, Beery realized that his life purpose was to learn how to speak with authority and to claim his own authentic power! He realized that he was, in fact, meant to be a ”story-teller” for a large global audience.

Thus, in order to stop repeating the same type of traumas over and over again in your life, some key steps are necessary. (Note: I have here added some essential steps from the belief work process that was not part of Beery’s original message).

The important SHIFT in our life – from being a victim of repetitive traumas to stepping into our authentic power – requires the following steps:

  1. To recognize the pattern of similar repeated traumas that is played out in your life (as a series of similar painful experiences);
  2. To decide that you’ve had enough of these painful experiences, and that you want to learn from them now;
  3. To embrace, process and heal the initial traumatic event and to release the fear (etc) that got stuck as energy in your body (as a child), and was later reinforced by similar painful events during your life. (Here you will need to embrace, give love and comfort to your inner child, etc.);
  4. To actively let go of the subconscious and disempowering belief, for example: ”I am not allowed to talk freely.” (This requires an effective process, such as those used by MindShift Coaching); and lastly,
  5. To consciously adopt a new empowering belief, such as: ”I am free to talk as much as I wish, even though other people may not approve of me/that”. Or ”I allow myself to talk freely regardless of other people’s opinions.” In essence, YOU are the one who needs to give yourself the permission!

According to Itzhak Beery, when you come to recognize the pattern of your traumas and realize your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime, you will begin to act out of Love (i.e. from your Soul) as opposed to out of Fear (i.e. from your Ego-mind). You will begin to live in (greater) alignment with your soul, and you will have the power to move (more) freely and authentically in the world, and to live a life of (greater) fulfillment.

As summarized by Beery:

Success is not how much money you have. Success is not your job that you create, or how big your company is. Success is being in alignment with your Soul purpose. That is when you feel successful, when you feel Love, because you surrender to Love. When you are walking within authentic power in the world, that is success. Success is being in alignment with your Soul purpose, that this soul, before you were born, came here to experience. And maybe, if you experienced that sole purpose, you would not have to come back again here. (Itzhak Beery, 2020, Embodiment Conference)

For more information about Itzhak Beery’s work, please visit:

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