From Fearful Thinking to Peace of Mind

This is a true story about a conversation between a young boy and his mother. The boy and his family had been downtown for dinner at a restaurant with some relatives. As they sat down in the car to head back home in the evening, the boy seemed anxious and eager to get going as quickly as possible. The mother asked him why he felt anxious, whereupon the boy answered with surprising clarity and self-awareness: “I want to get home as quickly as possible, because if we get home late, I will fall asleep late, and then I will be tired the next day, and then I will oversleep on Monday morning, and then…”

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From pain to insight to healing – a personal story

This is a personal story about my own journey of understanding and healing from a recurring diffuse pain in my lower legs. After some deep inner work (the same as I do for my clients), I realised that the actual root cause was a set of four “interconnected” subconscious beliefs and certain emotional residues, all of which originated in two stressful events in my childhood. Some ten years ago, I developed a diffuse pain in my lower legs. After a few years with the recurring symptom, I finally decided to do some deep inner work through EFT Tapping…

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Be a wise gardener of your mind

Belief work, Higher perspective, Introspection

Your mind can be likened to a garden where you plant seeds of beliefs and associated thought patterns. These seeds of beliefs eventually grow into flowers of emotional and physical experiences. Hence, it follows, that some thoughts are like ‘weeds’ that grow into painful emotional and physical experiences, while other seeds of beliefs are like the seeds of beautiful flowers, which eventually become expressions of compassion, peace, joy, beauty, and freedom.

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Stress-related physical pain

For the last eight years, I have been deeply interested in the causes and symptoms of stress, particularly physical pain. Stress-induced pain can be experienced in almost any part of the body. Some persons get headaches and migraines, while others get aching arms and legs. Still others experience pain in the neck, shoulder and back, while many have recurring pain in the stomache.

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Clearing old limiting beliefs to create new empowering

Belief work, Introspection

As children, we are not able to make sense of the world in the way that an adult would; also, our worldview is centered around our Self. Therefore, we inevitably explain any event in terms of our existing understanding of who we are, including our self-worth. In our childhood, we thus adopt a range of beliefs about ourselves and the world. Over time, these beliefs become “self-actualizing”.

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From disconnection to belonging

We are all wired to feel connected with others and to feel a sense of belonging in the world. This sense of belonging with others also brings joy, love, gratitude and higher meaning to life. However, many people lack this feeling of connectedness with others. What Brené Brown found in her extensive research was that the key to feeling connected with others is to feel worthy of belonging. And, what keeps us from feeling worthy of belonging…

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Love and fear go hand in hand

Acceptance, Belief work, EFT tapping, Fear, Introspection

Have you ever wondered why you become particularly anxious and nervous in certain situations? Or, why certain fears keep coming back regardless of how much you try to ignore them, push them away or think positive? A fundamental reason for why our fears keep clinging to us, is simply the fact that they reflect what we love.

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Identifying root causes and clearing blockages

Belief work, EFT tapping, Tensions

In June 1998 I was sitting at a restaurant in Ankara with a curious and somewhat provocative Turkish professor. I was in Turkey for an environmental research project that I had just started as part of my PhD. The subject of my research may seem far away from the work that I am presently pursuing as part of MindShift Coaching. However, in hindsight, the strings and parallels are now fascinatingly clear…

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