From Fearful Thinking to Peace of Mind

This is a true story about a conversation between a young boy and his mother. The boy and his family had been downtown for dinner at a restaurant with some relatives. As they sat down in the car to head back home in the evening, the boy seemed anxious and eager to get going as quickly as possible. The mother asked him why he felt anxious, whereupon the boy answered with surprising clarity and self-awareness: “I want to get home as quickly as possible, because if we get home late, I will fall asleep late, and then I will be tired the next day, and then I will oversleep on Monday morning, and then…”

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Your traumas may reveal your life purpose

Anxiety, Fear, Spiritual perspective, Trauma healing

Today, I listened to a fascinating one-hour interview with Itzhak Beery (shamanic teacher, author and speaker) for the Embodiment Conference, an online free conference aired from October 14th to 25th, 2020. According to Beery, when we look closely at the traumas in our life, we will recognize some recurring themes among our traumas. These themes bring us essential messages that can reveal our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

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