When the healer was healed at his own retreat…

Physician Gabor Maté needed to be healed by the Shamans before he could participate at his own retreat. The Shamans also taught him about the importance of taking care of his own well-being and healing his own traumas in order to truly help his clients. Any deep healing, he realized, must address our whole being, i.e. not only our physical body, but our emotional, spiritual, and energetic dimensions too.

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Your traumas may reveal your life purpose

Anxiety, Fear, Spiritual perspective, Trauma healing

Today, I listened to a fascinating one-hour interview with Itzhak Beery (shamanic teacher, author and speaker) for the Embodiment Conference, an online free conference aired from October 14th to 25th, 2020. According to Beery, when we look closely at the traumas in our life, we will recognize some recurring themes among our traumas. These themes bring us essential messages that can reveal our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

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Stress-related physical pain

For the last eight years, I have been deeply interested in the causes and symptoms of stress, particularly physical pain. Stress-induced pain can be experienced in almost any part of the body. Some persons get headaches and migraines, while others get aching arms and legs. Still others experience pain in the neck, shoulder and back, while many have recurring pain in the stomache.

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