Six essential factors for healing

Many persons who have finally healed from a chronic health condition (such as chronic pain, fatigue, PTSD, or cancer) emphasize certain conditions that have been essential to their healing. These conditions can be summarized as: authenticity, joy, freedom, self-empowerment, optimism, and social support. Frances Goodall, co-founder of the Women’s Wellness Circle, describes her own healing journey from Chronic Fatigue. Her full healing finally happened when she “let her authentic feelings flow”, as she explained. Not only did she let her negative emotions flow, but also she began listening to and fully expressing her positive feelings, including her joy…

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A woman’s healing journey through trauma and physical pain

This is the true story of Renu Arora, a young British actor, singing coach, and theater director in London, who in 2017 had a traumatic accident that changed the course of her life forever. As the story begins, Renu has just left the grocery story to try to catch a glimpse of her friend further down the street. Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, she didn’t hear the large London bus approaching right behind her. Suddenly, her boot is caught by the bus wheel. In the words of Renu…

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Love and fear go hand in hand

Acceptance, Belief work, EFT tapping, Fear, Introspection

Have you ever wondered why you become particularly anxious and nervous in certain situations? Or, why certain fears keep coming back regardless of how much you try to ignore them, push them away or think positive? A fundamental reason for why our fears keep clinging to us, is simply the fact that they reflect what we love.

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