Energy – the key to holistic healing

In the future, healing is most likely to happen through multiple and parallel modalities that are holistic by nature and that recognize our body not only as a mechanical system but also as made up of subtle energies (that “work” through several energy systems). Such new healing modalities already exist, but will be found, explored and applied by more and more people and health centres worldwide.

Examples are: energy medicine, energy psycholgy (e.g. EFT-tapping), energyfood (e.g. functional foods), different energy practices involving body movements (qigong, yoga, etc), meridian healing (acupuncture, acupressure, etc), sound healing, and various energy/mind-practices (meditation, visualization, yoga), and more. Many of these modalities overlap in terms of how they work.

All of these holistic treatments and practices are based on a fundamental understanding of human beings having an “energy body”, which also needs to be addressed in order to enable full healing. Today, many modern conventional medicine practices are focused on identifying and relieving the symptoms of different conditions and illnesses (although there are exceptional doctors). Many times, such conventional treatments can be enough (for example a surgery or a cast) or get you very far (for example treating severe iron deficiency with iron injections, and diabetes with insulin). However, in order to achieve long-lasting and full healing of illnesses with unknown cause or to treat more complex conditions, we need to identifiy and address the root causes to these, in order to help our bodies heal from the “inside-and-out” or bottom-up. A common feature of all of these modalities is that they support our bodies’ own self-healing mechanisms and abilities.

Healing through various energy modalities can happen through for example: mind-work/inner-focus-work, food/nutrients, stretches/poses/movements, touch/pressure/massage, ligth-therapy, sound/vibration, aroma-therapy, breath work, and even prayers/blessings. We are standing in the doorway of exciting times, at least for those that are open and willing to try such new and alternative paths to healing and staying well, healthy and harmonious.

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