The higher purposes of pain and suffering

In 2019, filmmaker Anthony Chene produced a beautiful and deeply fascinating film about Reverend Bill McDonald and his three near-death experiences since the age of eight. In particular, Bill shares the events and meaning of his third near-death experience, which happened during an open-heart surgery in his 60s. During his extraordinary NDE, Bill received profound messages about the higher purpose of human pain and suffering, messages that are relevant to us all.

The following is an excerpt of Bill’s near-death experience as shared in the film:

As the doctors were operating on his heart, his soul suddenly lifted out of his body and he found himself in India, standing at the foot of a mountain. He began walking up the hill (while still aware of his body undergoing operation). At the top of the mountain, he met with several ascended masters, including his guru (Yogiraj Gurunath). In that moment, he felt profound peace and a feeling of being at home. All of a sudden, a blaze of a shining bright light emerged in the sky and the most soft angelic voice came out of it. The voice said: “Bill, give up your heart, let it go, you’ve done enough, you don’t owe anybody anything, you don’t need any more pain and suffering, I am going to give you bliss, love, joy, and never-ending peace. No more pain. Just give up your heart.” Bill replied: “So be, that is really good”. But then he heard his guru’s voice saying: “Bill, don’t give up your heart. You can skip a few beets but don’t give up heart.” But why? asked Bill. The guru answered:

‘Cause I have got more pain and suffering for you… I am going to give you more pain than you’ve ever had. Because before when you had pain, you would bliss out and the pain would be taken care of. You didn’t have to suffer through pain. But now I want you to suffer real pain, so you can tell other people how to handle their real physical pain. (Gurunath)

Then, behind him in the sky, Bill saw an ocean of faces, of people who would need him in some way in life, including those who needed to hear things that he would say or write, or just receiving his hug or smile… Then all of a sudden, his body jumped intensively up and down, and he found himself back on the operating table again. The doctors had jump-started his heart. He was now in severe physical pain again, and with many other health conditions to face ahead…

Over the coming days of recovery in the hopsital, every time that Bill closed his eyes, he found himself (as his awareness) back in India on the mountain top, experiencing bliss and peace, but also hearing his guru encouraging him to continue (“Don’t give up heart, you can skip a few beats”.) Finally, after several days in the hospital, he came to a point where he couldn’t take the pain anylonger and felt ready to give up his physical life… Then, suddenly, the phone rang by his bedside. He wasn’t allowed to answer the call at first, as he was so ill, but he persisted. As he picked up the phone, he heard the voice of his guru in India: “Bill, this is Gurunath in India. Don’t give up heart, you can skip a few beats, but don’t give up heart. At that moment he realized, that all that had happened during his NDE was real. Now he felt a strong urge to get out of the hospital. He couldn’t be there any longer. He knew that he had to live. He couldn’t be selfish, even though he was experiencing more pain than ever before. Thirty-six hours later he left the hospital…

Bill continues by giving some important advice about meditation, the Divine, the purpose of life, and the meaning of suffering:

“Go into meditation with the desire to love God… Don’t go into meditation to get something… or to think God is Santa Claus…Go into meditation to say: this is my time to love the Divine.” Also, when your soul passes over (to the other side), the only thing that will be important is who you loved, and who you loved secretly and send prayers to from afar (including your ‘enemy’). He also mentions the Prayer of St Francis, which he says reveals the essence of why we are here on Earth. Bill reminds us further:

Be like a child. Learn to love what you do. Love where you are at, where you live, who you are with. Love and grow… That is why we are here [on Earth].

And, when Bill prays, he talks to God saying:

Give me the strength, the wisdom, the knowledge. Just give me the tools I need to do my work.

Bill also tells that we should help the other guy (another person) that is ‘below us’, as he is looking up to us. “So, reach down to help others, and reach up for higher [support].” Moreover, instead of moaning and groaning about life and work, we can wake up every morning and say: “I want to serve. Put me where I need to be. That is the Universe that is lining everything up. That is about love, and amazing grace…”

In his final message to us, he says:

Believe in miracles… All miracles are just a thought away… I think we need to channel everything into love. It only takes a very small amount of people to change the world. Those that believe, will make it happen… There is a power being put forth now by many people, some are sitting in caves unknown to us.., that are helping to elevate this planet that we live on, by virtue of their love that they show through meditation and their prayers; just by their existence they are doing more than many scientists… Small miracles lead to bigger miracles… Start with peace and love in your heart. There is the ultimate cavern of love and sacredness. And if you carry the love out there, and pass it onto anybody that day, you have made the world a better place. (Rev. Bill McDonald)

In summary, as Bill learned through his third NDE, it is not enough simply to endure, heal and learn from our own pain and suffering. We also need to share our lessons with the world, by teaching others how to manage and handle their suffering of a similar kind. By sharing our story and insights with the world, we contribute to transform and elevate humanity to higher planes. In the end, it is all about giving and receiving unconditional love.

To see the whole film, please visit Anothony Chene’s website or his Youtube page. And to learn more about Rev. Bill McDonald, please visit his website.

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