Letting go…

A little more than a year ago, I had a very challenging situation in my life on a family level. In a moment of deep despair and hopelessness, I kneeled down on the kitchen floor, folded my hands and asked God for help: “Please God, help me”. Then, in that very moment, I heard a voice, saying: “Let go”. It was in English, although I am Swedish. And the words were those two only and with the sound of a male voice. To me, this could only be the voice of God. Yet, I had never heard God’s voice in this way before, only words coming through lucid dreams. Yet, I knew those words were not my own but came from someone else. At first I couldn’t make sense of them. What did they relate to? What were their meaning for me? What should I let go of? The next day, to my amazement, the words “let go” came to me about 5-6 times through various medias, such as audios, instagram posts, and videos. The following days, the same words kept coming at least three times per day in a similar manner. They seemed to be the core message of almost anything that I happened to rest my eyes or hears on. And now, more than a year later, they still keep coming, now perhaps only a couple of times a week.

In hindsight, looking at the message in those words, it has been presented to me with slightly different meaning. For example, the message could have been an encouragement to: let go of things in the PRESENT moment, for example letting go of my control, of my rushing/stress, of frustration, or of any other negative emotion and limiting belief about the present situation. Or it can be a message to let go of the PAST, for example letting go of resentment, guilt, grief or a traumatic experience. Or it can be letting go of feelings and thoughts pertaining to the FUTURE, such as letting go of fear, worry or attachment to a special outcome.

On the good side, my past situation of despair and the message to “let go” ended up becoming the overall modality for my coaching practice (“Let go. Let Be. Let In. Let Out.”) at MindShift Coaching. And whenever I sense pain or symptom in my body, I try to remind myself to let go of whatever is burdening me, and instead fill myself with love, light and truth.

Perhaps you too have experienced the message to let go in your life?

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